British Forces – God Bless ‘em




245 Provost Coy 

Support Coy 2nd South Staffs 

Dispatch Driver Living History 

Airborne Pathfinders 

4th Lincolns 

Wales at War 

Royal Warwick




Our lovely Allies 

 NW Military Collectors Allied

Ernies Pals

1st Canadian Parachute Battalion

ETO Alliance/Deuce 502nd

Dropzone D

Independent Canadians

WW11 Allied & Axis



Axis Force 


304 Panzer Grenadiers

1st Panzer 

Feldjagerkorps 44 

9SS Hohenstaufen 


79th Volksgrenadiers 

10th SS 

Himmel Soldaten 

2nd Panzer Div'n



The Home Front:

V for Victory 

Victory Belles WI 

Home Front Defenders 

Hope & Glory 

Spirit of the Homefront

Cheshire Home Guard